Limestone is a unique and versatile flooring material that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It is formed naturally from the remains of marine animals, shells, molluscs, and other such materials over a few million years. The stone is very resilient, but can become dull and stained over time. At Absolute Floor Polishing, we will make sure your limestone floors look as good as new.

Limestone Floor Polishing Process

Limestone is just as vulnerable as marble, so it is essential to be careful while polishing it. We have worked on these materials for more than ten years and know the best techniques to use. The cleaning and polishing process depends on the condition of the stone. Our technicians carefully examine the surface to understand the extent of the damage before planning their approach. Here’s a brief look at the process:

  • Stain Removal – The first step is to remove stains and etching from the surface. We use different techniques based on how deep the stain goes. If it has gone too deep, we might not be able to remove it entirely.
  • Lippage Removal – If the stone isn’t installed correctly, it can have some lippage or uneven sections. This affects the overall appearance of the surface and can make it challenging to maintain the floor. We can use grinders to remove lippage and any other form of unevenness to ensure the surface is level.
  • Repair or Replacement – Natural stones are vulnerable to cracks and breaks, which can ruin the appearance of the surface. We can repair or replace the damaged section to give your floor a more consistent appearance.
  • Polishing – Once the floor is level and all flaws are fixed, we polish the surface to a smooth shine.

If you want to know more about limestone polishing or wish to hire our services, get in touch with us at Absolute Floor Polishing. You can call 0410 885 954 or use our contact us form.

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